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Medical indications for the provision of medical care to adults with diseases of the circulatory system: • end stages of chronic heart failure (III and IV functional class according to NYHA); • repeated hospitalization due to heart failure / other forms of coronary artery disease (more than 3 times in the last 12 months); • valvular heart disease without the possibility of their surgical correction, the presence of other significant structural lesions of the heart chambers or coronary vessels without the possibility of revascularization and/or reconstructive interventions; • the presence of a combined somatic and/or mental pathology that significantly affects the quality of life and/or symptoms of the underlying disease; • shortness of breath or chest pain at rest or with little exertion; • Echocardiographic findings: marked reduction in ejection fraction (< 25%) or marked pulmonary hypertension (pulmonary artery pressure > 70 mmHg); • stable angina 3 and 4 functional classes (shortness of breath or chest pain at rest or with little physical exertion); • severe, inoperable peripheral vascular disease. Patients with progressive heart failure despite optimal medical treatment should receive palliative care. This includes: -Active treatment of CHF, taking into account the existing symptoms - Rational drug therapy

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